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The Heart Tanner Pride

If I have to describe Tanners Pride in a few words it would be a brand that has its roots deep in the leather trade ..23 years to be precise..built with a passion to deliver world class quality at value for money price points… We work with only the finest leather skins..make most of our brass fittings ourselves..have a team of skilled creaftmen who have an average experience of 15 yrs plus…

We can manage these reasonable prices because we work on just one simple business model to bring our product to you directly from our factory floor thereby completely eleiminating the middle men as well as the traditional brick and mortar costs involved.
We strongly belive that no other material other that leather has the strength, durability, and give shape to your accessory. Our leathers don’t wear out they actually wear in getting better over time..
At Tanners Pride, we use only the finest quality of premium hand selected leather skinswhich have that distinct natural raw sensuous feeling that an only a carefully selected skin processes, the skins are supple, durable and has that timeless look to it. We have put forward a small yet compact collection work bags,wallets,keychains and biking acessories.
Welcome to our world..welcome to Tanner Pride
Vernon Correa
Founder & CEO


We are providing

men's accessories
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Bike eduction
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When we started out on our journey, we had a challenging time finding information to help us in starting a leather craft business. We went through a lot of trial and error to figure out different sewing techniques as well as the best equipment and tools for the types of handmade leather goods we were wanting to create. Part of our vision is to help others starting on their own journey by providing leather craft tutorials as well as leather wallet templates to help you get a feel for how to design and your own products. Head over to our YouTube channel and we hope any questions you have will have an answer.

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